I saw nothing!

04 Feb

We just got caught breaking one of those warnings I’ve heard so many times before “Just don’t get caught seeing something you should have seen” and you will not have any problems in Mexico.

OK, this is a post that I don’t want to get back to my already worried grandmother, but on today’s bike ride to a deserted beach just outside of town we came across a low-rider pickup truck full of 6 men in a deep ravine of a dark jungle just outside of Sayulita, Mexico. One guy with shades on holding several large pit bulls is shocked to see me barreling towards him on my mountain bike, just as I see a guy with two rifles with scopes running out of the jungle followed quickly by a guy with something large wrapped in a blanket tucked under his arm right behind. I give the guy my most innocent “hola” and ride past looking straight ahead as if I saw nothing!

I ride on hoping not to hear that unmistakable sound of click, click of the cocking of those rifles just as Jen rides past, oblivious to the whole thing.

Lesson learned: smile, act dumb and don’t do drugs… =^ )

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