Sayulita, Mexico

04 Feb

It’s been about 15 years ago almost to the day that we were here last.  Back then it was a “one horse” tiny little town, but no longer.  It’s been discovered and the town has boomed, but it seems to have retained much of its original small town feel.  We pull into town and get a couple people pointing and laughing at our bull horns I’ve recently mounted where the Ford emblem once was, and the smiles become contagious amongst many of the pedestrians who give us a passing glance.  The town is filled with gringos, but there’s a good vibe to it, cause they’re not your typical tourist.  They’re the kind of people that seek out these types of places, so they add their own character and style to the scene.

Well after a quick look around we find Sayulita Trailer Park and pull into a nice wide shady spot.  After quickly hooking up the water, power and sewer lines I go to find the password for the wifi.  I’m told I need to go over to the owner’s house where I’m met by Thaeis and his wife Christina.  Thaeis tells me it will be just a few minutes while his wife is cooking dinner and she handles all the high tech stuff.  He then asks if I would like a sip of tequila and a cigarette.  He says he only has 2 or 3 a day.  I say sure.  I usually like to have one myself after a stressful drive on shoulder less, twisty, turny Mexican hiways .  He tells me he buys this stuff by the gallon from the maker.  It’s really smooth and has a rich smokey after taste.  Thaeis has been running this place for 26 years and really knows how to make a person feel welcome.  Thaeis looks, sounds and acts like the cliche of what you think of a 77 year old Bavarian man would be.  He has silver hair with a large handle bar mustache and wears suspenders and still speaks in a thick German accent.  He runs the place with German like precision and his ingenuity is apparent by just a quick look around, but even more amazing once you notice the details of his engineering feats.  Like any good artist he tells me he can see the flaws, but as an outside observer I can only admire his work of art.  I see him roaming the place like a man that’s getting things done, but with a style and humor only someone who has been doing this for nearly 3 decades can.  He speaks fluent Spanish and his help seems perfectly content, so I can tell he treats people fair.  He also has a good sense of humor and is quick with a smile or witty comment.


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  1. Nancy

    January 28, 2013 at 7:14 pm

    This post was very true to how my trip was there to celebrate New Years and enjoy wonderful people. Thaeis and his beautiful wife were perfect hosts to make my vacation wonderful.