Returning to the scene of the crime

01 Feb

Well, a couple posts back I told you about our long trek through a thick, dark, bug infested  jungle and passing through a gate that read “Private Property”, but I have since learned that we weren’t actually trespassing, so no crime was committed.

We had so much fun yesterday that we decided to go back, but this time to hike the entire beach to the farthest point south which is barely visible from our vantage point of Punta Raza.  We also found out from Louie that this pristine beach is slated to become the next Cancun.  Currently it’s a turtle sanctuary, but the Mexican government has 4 mega projects slated to turn desolate beaches into new Cancun style mega resorts. Ugh, what a tragedy.  More about that soon.

We got going at 10:00 am after a good morning breakfast and coffee.  We take the same route that we took the day before on the way out, but tried a new route on the way home, which was so much nicer.

Well we got to the beach, but there were no dolphins, whales or manta rays jumping this time, but the beach is just as gloriously deserted as the day before.  We walk for more than an hour on this 30′ tall Velodrome sloped beach with 10′ waves breaking just off shore.  The sound can be intimidatingly loud, but the peaceful beach, hot sun and vividly blue sky mellows it all out.

We do not see anyone the entire 2 miles, until right at the very end we meet Louie and his Basset hound who is from France and has been coming down here for the last 22 years.  He has a house just around the point.  I tell him it doesn’t look like things have changed much in the past 22 years, since there isn’t a structure in sight.  He says “There has been lots of change and none of it for the better.”  I stand corrected.  Anyway on our little walk with Louie he show us where a turtle had laid her eggs the night before  The tracks are very clear and what you would imagine turtle tracks look like.  Louie I can tell is still somewhat upset about the mega resort project and I can see why.  This place will absolutely be ruined and it’s a sad thought to think of this place swarming with fat white guys with their beer bellies so big they look like they’re 9 months pregnant.  Believe me; we’ve just hiked here through a thick, dark, bug infested jungle to get away from that. 

Anyway, enough about the stupidity of man and more about the bravery of man.  On our hike home I was dreading the boring ravine infested road home and that’s when I noticed that the old trail crosses the new road, so we opt to give it a try even though we have to crawl from the first 10 feet under a fallen tree.  I go and take a peek and yes it looks promising, so we give it a try.  I doesn’t look like anyone has hike this in years, but the trail is still not too overgrown.  I can picture Mayan Indians hiking this trail a thousand years earlier and right around the next corner I’m going to find a long lost Mayan temple.


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