Like a Jedi Knight

26 Jan

Mazatlan, Mexico 01/20/2011

If it wasn’t for this blog, days would blur into one another.  Well, scratch that, they already do.  I try really hard to retain some sort of reality, but when it’s nothing but sun, surf and cervazas it gets a little difficult.
Today, was no different.  I had a few things to get accomplished today, but got them done before 8:00 am.  That’s when our neighbor offers up his ATV unsolicited.  I’m all for it, but Jen wants to do “something else”, but hell no, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get out and see some things that you can only get to by an ATV.  We’re not the kind of people who do the typical tourist BS.  I want to see what’s under the rug, the road less travelled and peek into the places seldom seen.  I know it’s not always going to be pretty, but it’s real.  Although, I’ve got my own filters too, so when I see the skinny dog is eating a rotten road kill on the side of the road I have to see the positive side of it, since maybe road kill tates just like chicken.  Sure, I’m a softy, but I’ve got to select the things that I can actually change.

There are about  40 miles of deserted beach just north of Mazatlan.  Riding that ATV felt like I was in a star wars episode, only without ewoks as a slide along the velodrome sloped white sand beach.

Lately it feels like we’re living the Mexican version of the book and movie “the beach.”  Some parts of the Mexico’sWest coast are very deserted.  There a many if not hundreds of isolated beaches, islands and coves that fee like we’re the first to visit.  As we’re passing dead sea turles, sea lions, pelicans, whale bones, cow skulls and an eel that had tried to swallow a puffer fish, which just washed up on the beach and the vultures where having a feast.
We rode that thing until you couldn’t go any further, at least on the beach.  We are as far as the eye can see from our campsite and that’s when the gas gauge hit’s the last bar or an LCD readout.  Yikes, that would be a long walk back, so we ride low down on the beach near the water’s edge where the sand is harder and I can drive faster, but there’s big waves to dodge and the slope is stepper.  This is where my Jedi skills really come in handy.
We make it back, but I cannot return it unfilled, so we take a buzz into town to the gas station protected by an army guy with a sub-machine gun.  After filling up the tank I realize it’s only 2:00 pm, so we decide to take another run up the beach.  This time there is some 300+ lbs local in a micro sized car stuck in the sand where the bridge used to be.  I can’t believe anyone would actually try to make it around this thing without a 4×4, but here he is in a car smaller than a mini.  Actually after taking a second look I think he weighs more than the car.  We try our best to get him out and I actually drive the car to lighten the load, but he dug himself in deep.  After making several attempts I look and see 3 empty Ballena Pacifico bottles and now realize that only someone who drank that much beer would attempt such a thing.  It’s reminds me of some famous last words “hold my beer I’m going to try something”.  I ask him if he owns a jack and he does, so I tell him to jack up the car and put some of those timbers from the broken down bridge under the tires and take off.  I saw some rope on the beach a few miles back, but since it’s not my ATV I’m not willing to risk another person’s property.

Anyway, I’ve got more to say about this, so please check back since I’ll update this soon.


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