We just missed our exit to Paradise

19 Jan

San Carlos – Mazatlan

I don’t know how many of you have travelled South of the border, but it’s not all rainbows, puppy dogs and sunshine down here.  There are real consequences for the inexperienced, so when we missed our turn off and ended up in downtown Mazatlan after 10 hours of driving I was just a little stressed.  Plus we have been driving 2 hours past dark and breaking rule number one of driving in Mexico “do not drive after dark.”

Generally speaking, driving an RV in Mexico or anywhere for that fact is not fun.  There are unwritten rules of the road that I guess only locals know, cause there are people, bikes and small cars that scurry about like cats under foot.

We didn’t have a specific destination in mind before we left San Carlos, since our guidebook just gives descriptions and recommendation, so we were going to make up our mind when we got there.  The stupid thing about this particual guidebook is that it doesn’t give driving direction on how to get to these RV parks, even though they’re RV parks.

I don’t know if I read this somewhere before or just coining it now, but I thought of this this morining and thought it was appropriate to my situation.

“You really don’t know where you are until you’re lost” 

Anway, life lesson learned:  keep your cool not matter how stressed out you are.

Well, after a “little” drama we pulled into an RV park at the North end of town.  I pull past the security gate and pull into the first empty lot.  I am quickly met by Kip, who is the campground host and gives me the low down about the place.  I tell him I need a shot and about our ordeal.  He quickly shows us a parking space that he reserves for himself to save his view of the ocean.  I mean we are a horse show toss from horse show pits, volleyball, and the pool.  But more importantly a glorious view of the beach and ocean.  Even though it’s dark and cannot really see to much I’m very grateful.  I can almost feel my blood pressure drop by half.

As the nearly full moon sinks into the Sea of Cortez I’m excited to see this place in the day light.

Stay tuned for photos.
If you don’t know  this from my previous post my laptop got stolen, so I have no way to process my RAW files.  I could shoot jpeg, but I  refuse.
Maybe I can squeeze off a few just for bragging rights.  =^ )

Stay tuned for snaps to be posted soon.



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