Growing Old Gracefully

16 Jan

Pulling into Pleasant Lake RV Resort in Peoria, AZ after a long day of driving and a hard weekend of drinking with old friends of ours in San Diego I couldn’t help but comment that “there’s a lot of gray hairs around here.  We maybe the youngest people around here by 15 years”, sarcastically.  Sarcasm and ignorance like that always has a way of coming back and biting me in the ass and this time is no different.

As I grab my morning S.S.S. kit and start the long trek to the bathroom I start to observe how immature my previous statement was.  These people are living large.  I mean King Kong large.  And not only that a hypocritical considering my age.  I don’t know if this just hits me for the first time, but I’ve got gray hairs now.

As I reflect upon my earlier statement and image in the mirror I realize that I am one of them, and no degree of denial is going to change that.  To prove this point I’m currently wearing a pair of “mom jeans” shorts and the same exact pair that our grandmotherly neighbor is wearing, who is no younger than 70.  In my haste packing for our trip forget to pack a pair of shorts.  It was 25 degrees and snowing when we left.  I had tried no less than 5 stores at our last stop in the states to try to find a new pair, but it’s out of season in January in Arizona and the only pair I could find in my size were a pair of denim Wrangler cargo shorts.  I mean I wouldn’t be caught dead in these in a place where anyone knew me, but we where just about to cross the border into Mexico and it was soon be be in the high 70’s and I desperately needed a pair of shorts.  I went to such a great extent to previously purchase the only stylish shorts that were two sizes to big for me in a hope to start some trend or something, but I looked like David Byrne in his Burning “Down the House” video, but with shorts instead, so I had to resort to these “mom shorts.”  So embarressed of myself that I immediately went into change.  Not only change, but in an lame attempt to justify my purchase I took a knife to them and cut a bunch of holes in them to try to make them look somewhat “hip”, but they’re so not.

As I continue to look around the RV park at some of these guys who are nearly twice my age and some of them are in better shape than I am.  To add insult to injury they also have a bit more hair.  Talk about a wake up call.  I’m wrong on so many levels on this one, especially since my statement is such a cliche.

Don’t get me wrong, because in all reality I have high respect for many of my elders and was raised by my grandparents, so IMHO I can relate to people who are older better than I can to the younger generation.

After this little self realization that ice cream social @ 4:30 tomorrow doesn’t sound so bad as I crawl into bed at 8:00.


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