Smash & Grab

14 Jan

Ok, this is going to be about a 2 second post, since that’s what it took to smash our RV’s window and steal my laptop.  The scene:  We’re sleeping off a long, but  good rough night with an old friend in front of his place in Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA.  It’s 9:00 am on a Sunday 01/09/2011 and people have been walking past all morning going down to Tourmaline Surf Park to go surfing, so when I hear someone clearly say back up a few more inches, I think nothing of it, thinking he’s going to try to squeeze into our parking space. We can hear the car move clearly since the upstairs window where we’re sleeping is open and all of sudden the whole rig shakes violently and then SMASH, SHATTER, CRUMBLE as the glass falls to the floor.

I’m in disbelief as if you’re watching a movie that takes a sudden twist “Wait, that’s not what was supposed to happen.”  I pull back the curtain and watch a hooded punk pulling my laptop bag into a white Honda Prelude with a 10 digit CA license plate.  In my head I’m trying to repeat the number until I can get it down on paper.  In my despair I yell “I see you” as if this is going to make them realize the errors of their ways and turn around and returned my stolen laptop, and apologize, but what does he do?  He flips me off.  Fucking punk ass bitch, this puts me in such a rage that I wish I owned a hand gun, but quite smart on his part because I had repeated it once before they turned the corner, but got distracted by such “insult to injury” that I soon forgot.  Now I know why eye witness reports are so inaccurate.

I realize that f’tards like these are not long for this world and in the long run they’re soon to be a headline on the “Darwin Awards.”  What pisses me off more is that there is some random woman just a few yards away taking pictures of some flowers or cactus’s who witness the whole event, but doesn’t even bother taking a photo of the get away car.  It may just be me, but I hope my better instincts kick in when there is such an emergency and lend a helping hand.

This is a setback since we’re on a tight budget, but what hurts most is the broken sense of security, not matter how secure we all may think we have, no one really is.  This can happen anywhere, and to tell you the truth as I sit here in Mexico I feel more safe, because f’tard like that don’t have the access to guns as they do in the states.  FUCK YOU NRA!  In the many, many thoughts that roll through my head of how I could have done something different, it’s really futile.  That’s what great about being “young and dumb”, is that there nothing to steal.  The more we have, the more we have to worry about losing.

When these F’tards broke my window and stole my laptop, they also broke what some people seem too soon to forget: rule #1 ” The golden rule”.  Not that I’m a saint or anything, but Rule #1 is instilled in me deeply.  Sure, I’m an a dick, asshole or prick from time to time, but who isn’t?  Not that it’s an excuse, because it’s not.  No one should break rule #1.  I live it and try to breathe it everyday.  When I don’t I pay for it one way or another, and if you don’t think I do please feel free to comment.

When these f’tards stole my laptop they also stole is my so called “innocence”, since I’m a pretty optimistic person, but when this happened I started looked at people in a different manner.  Any crime victim will tell you there is a certain sense of personal violation that has nothing to do with the value of the item, but its just a sense of being violated, victimized and in the most crude sense, raped, because there is nothing you can do about it.

Anyway, to bring this story full circle I posted this incidence to my facebook status, not to get sympathy, but just to keep it real and let my friends know that this shit happens everyday no matter where you are…  A heads up to all my homies.  Well, an old buddy who I had worked with way back in the early days of e-commerce 1999 at and latter on at had planned to hook up on our way down South in Phoenix .  He meets us out at a campground he had suggested and treats us to dinner, which I thought was more than generous, but then springs that he has an old work laptop that I can have along with some gas $$.  I’m blown away, and immediately refuse, but he’s tells me it’s “no problem”.  I thank him profusely!  I’m not stating this to have people start sending me great gifts, not that I’m against such generosity, but it’s just the fact that he saw a need, came forward and donated to a person who would put such a gift to good use.
IMHO I do the same and have putting the “play it forward” to good use down here in Mexico.  I would mention his name, but I don’t think he wants such recognition.  If I find out he does I’m going to call the Phoenix Sun and have it printed in Sunday’s paper.
Thanks again KM!


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