No shirt, no shoes, no problem

07 Jan

No shirt, no shoes, no problem.
That’s how I’d summarize San Diego’s attitude.
It’s as if they’re handing out free Xanax around here somewhere.  (Locals only!)
People smile, say hello and are generally in a good mood.  And why shouldn’t they be?  It’s really beautiful here.

Last night just after watching a gorgeous sunset we were just about to leave the Tourmaline parking lot when I noticed this surfer dude who was fumbling for his keys, so I asked if he could use a flash light.  He says so enthusiastically “Yes, that would be so generous of you and he shook my hand 3 times thanking me.

Surfer, “Do you come here often, are you going to go surfing, boogie boarding or body surfing?”
Me, Well, we’re from Seattle and just got here yesterday, but I was thinking about trying it while I’m here.
Surfer, “I have a friend who lives in Oregon and he says he surfs way up there.  He says the waves are good, but the water is so cold.”
Me, Seattle is about a 5 hour drive to the coast.
Surfer, “Do you get out there to surf?”
Me, No.
Surfer, “Huh” he says so lacking his prior enthusiasm as if he cannot comprehend that I don’t live to surf.  The conversation ends abruptly as if I just deeply offended him, his wife, his children and his religion.

Surfing down here is a religion to some.  When they’re not surfing, they’re talking about surfing. When they’re not talking about surfing they’re thinking about surfing, waxing their boards and waiting to go surfing.  I can understand, but at this point in my life I cannot empathize, but maybe, just maybe, someday I’ll see the light.
Later that night I find a surf board in the trash in the alley.  Missing a fin, but it’s a good sign.
Next thing I need to find is a wetsuit and I’m ready.

San Diego - Pacific Beach

San Diego - Pacific Beach


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