The long road home – Missoula, MT to Seattle, WA

08 Oct

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It seems like there is a super natural force that is not wanting us to make it back to Seattle.  We’ve had a strong headwind the entire trip Westward and one one of the last mountain passes we were hit by a side wind so severe that I was almost blown off the road.  And then just as we cross into Washington State we hit a sand storm that closed I-90 almost the entire day.  We decided to press on around the road block and follow farm roads that paralleled I-90 guided by our GPS.  I grew up in N. Michigan, so I now what it’s like to drive in driving snow and blizzards, but this was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  There was zero visibility and in my humble opinion the people out here just cannot drive very well, so there was that added danger.  I mean these fools just cannot drive.  I don’t know what it is, but it seems like they lack commons sense when it comes to safety or evaluating the current road conditions.

Typical example of a WA driver

Typical example of a WA driver

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Kitschy Jackrabbit

It’s not like we wanted this road trip to end, but I guess all things must.  People have been asking me “What are you going to do now”, and I guess I should have been thinking about a plan B in case this “permanent vacation” thing didn’t work out.  It’s not like I wasn’t thinking a lot about my future, but I never did come up with a grand new plan, the next big thing or have some type of life changing epiphany like I thought I would.

Roadside Attractions

Actually, I know one thing I know for sure is that I want to do that again.  I could go on and on like a vagabond, gypsy or what most people would call a drifter.  I cannot recall a dull moment and if we got even slightly bored we would pack up and leave.  Sometime just a few yards away to the next camp site for a change of pace or chance to meet some new people.  I cold live with a label as long as I could have the freedom.  Now I just have to find the financial freedom to do so.

Another thing that I’ve learned on this trip is to take time to travel down the roads less traveled.  Some of the most memorable times on this trip were the ones that were unexpected.  Meeting the people that I’d normally never talk to or taking the time to read the local paper, take the tourist tour or eat at the local cafe.  One of the reasons we took this trip in the first place was to break out of our daily routine and force ourselves to look at life from a different perspective, maybe even walk in another person’s shoes so to speak.  Normally I’d avoid anything that had to do with the typical tourist type activities.  Actually I’ve poo pooed that all of my life, but maybe now that I am older can I see that they serves a purpose.  It’s just a glimpse, a taster, a way to get people interested and what they do with it from there is up to them.

More Road Side Attractions

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