I’ve got the fever!

19 Jun

I’ve got the fever.
No, we don’t need more cow bells around here, but a more ingenious way to extract gold.  I swear to the ALL MIGHTY that there’s gold in dem der hills or more like rivers.  It seems just absolutely silly that I think these small glimmering golden specs in the sand and water are gold, but what else could it be?  I collected samples to prove my point.

What a day here.  Another spectacular day of gloriousness and the next few day’s forecast look promising. After another warm and lazy float down the Merced today I felt like I was swimming around in a Goldschlager bottle, both figuratively and literally.  Despite the obvious metaphor of being ice cold, crystal clear and swirling with small flakes of gold, it seems the more that I immerse myself in this river the more I feel like I’ve done a few shots.

I brought along my mask just so I could take a peek at the large number of fish I’ve been  spying in these deep holes, as well as looking for the the mother lode of gold nuggets that I know is down there and would pay for this trip for life.  On a number of such occasion I came up nearly frozen and gasping for breath after getting lost in the sheer wonder that is hidden to the majority of us.

I know y’all are waiting for snaps, but for some reason my recently installed version of photoshop on this laptop will not recognize my raw files.  I’ll figure it out shortly I promise, because I am excited to show them.

We are about to set off into the back country wilderness for the next 8 days so if I do not get this figured about before then I’ll promise I’ll get to ASAP.  We will be hiking the high Sierra camps from Tuolumne Meadows and back to the valley floor.  Our first stop is Vogelsang High Sierra Camp, then Merced Lake, Sunrise, Clouds Rest and back down to the valley and civilization.

Tunnel View

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